Losers Judge From the Sidelines, Winners Play on the Field

October 09, 2020 1 min read

Fans watching baseball

How many people do you know do this:

They lay on the couch...

They look at elite athletes on TV…

They watch how the best of the best struggle & fight to win championships...

And then they decide they will never do anything like that…


1. It’s too hard.

2. It’s not worth it.

But what they are actually saying is…

1. They are too lazy to put that much effort into something.

2. They cannot understand the pure joy of rising above mediocrity.

They say they are “happy” with their lives ... but they really aren't.

So before you sit in your warm and cozy house and judge other people…

Know that you can’t be a winner unless you get your hands dirty.

Know that the real winners don’t waste time judging other people.

Winners go out and put that time into practicing…

And working on their craft.

The simple formula to be a loser in life is to judge other people and do nothing.

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