Knowledge Means Nothing Without Action

October 08, 2020 1 min read

Andy pushing a sled

You are reading all these books and gathering all this information…

But are you putting it to use by acting on them?

While it’s great to gather knowledge…

There is no replacement of GOING THROUGH the actual experience.

You can read 100s of books on success…

And you can study the “morning routine of millionaires” all you want…

And you can ask them what it’s like to live that life…

But if you don't go through the journey yourself…

Not only will you NEVER achieve what it is that you want…

You will never be able to experience the feeling of winning after years of struggle.

Don’t just be the person who “knows everything” but never did anything.

Don’t be the person who “has all the great ideas” but never acted on any of them.

Don’t be the person who knew the “secrets to success” but never took action to achieve success.

Don’t just “know”...



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