Learn to Master the Mundane

March 15, 2023 1 min read

Andy sitting in front of a microphone

When most people set out to do something new...

...whether that's an opportunity, lifestyle change, or anything else for that matter...

At first … it's easy for them to stay motivated.

But what happens when a few weeks pass by?

What happens when a few months pass by?

What happens when that initial motivation and excitement begins to fade?

They start to lose the drive and urgency they had when they began…

They start to let their foot off the gas and let the little details slip...

Then they decide it "wasn't for them" only to move on to the next thing and repeat the same shit again and again.

If you truly want to make a change and stay committed long-term...

You have to show up and execute with the same level of urgency and attention to detail every single day ... whether you're excited to do it or not.

This is a concept I call "Mastering the Mundane."

When you learn to develop this skill...

Nothing can stop you from winning.

But if you start to let your foot off the gas when the excitement begins to die...

You’ll be running around in circles for the rest of your life.

Don't let that be the case.

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