Quit Making Your Struggles Your Identity

March 16, 2023 1 min read

Andy on stage talking

Stop wallowing.

We get it ... life fucked you.

Well guess what? Life fucks all of us from time to time.

That's life.

There is no special prize for who has it the hardest...

All the special prizes are reserved for those who overcome their hardships.

Quit making your struggles your identity...

Because there is zero nobility in perpetual victimhood.


However, there is tremendous nobility in inspiring others through your example of overcoming.

So tell your sad story...

Just make sure it's followed up by how you overcame it or are working to overcome it.

Your life story matters a lot.

Other people will win in life because of you and your amazing story of all the hard shit you overcame...

So make your story one of triumph...

Not one of defeat.

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