Learn to Manufacture Momentum On Demand

February 24, 2024 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking to a group  

Momentum is not some magical force that only a select few get to enjoy…

Momentum can be created.

You can force momentum into your life by pure force and perseverance.

Most people sit around and wait for momentum to just magically appear…

But winners understand that they can manufacture momentum by executing day in and day out on their critical tasks.

They don’t wait. They force it.

The real reason winners are winners is because they understand this concept and take it seriously.

Initially it’s ridiculously hard to get the ball rolling…

But once you push through that phase…

Once you have forced yourself through the days you wanted to quit more than anything…

Things will get easier.

Momentum will start to push you.

You will begin to see massive progress.

…but there’s a catch.

If you compromise on your discipline…

Cut corners…

Or lower the standard…

It destroys your momentum…

…and you have to build it all over again by going through the “force it” phase.

Once you start to take conscious control of this aspect of your life…

And start to manufacture momentum on demand…

You’ll become unstoppable.


PS: This goes for teams & individuals.

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