Learn To Control Your Momentum

June 27, 2020 1 min read

Andy swinging a hammer

You know that feeling of being unstoppable?

That feeling where you are so “in the zone” that all the things that normally feel like “work” feel effortless?

That feeling when you hop out of bed and are super productive and kicking ass without any extra thought or energy given to the task at hand?

We all have those days. What we are talking about here is MOMENTUM.

It’s one of the most powerful forces we have at our disposal.

Unfortunately, most people believe momentum is a magical force that comes as a gift from the success Gods.

Most people have no idea why they have it some days, and why they don’t others.

Here is the thing SUCCESSFUL people know: MOMENTUM IS IN YOUR CONTROL.

It’s a force that you can turn on at will.

Think how much more progress you could make if you could have that feeling of being an unstoppable freight train every single day of your life?

You can.

ALL ultra-successful people understand how to “switch on” momentum and harness it on command.

Don’t spend the next 50 years struggling and “grinding” because you didn’t take the time to harness this discipline.

Learn to make kicking ass part of who you are at your core by harnessing and CONTROLLING YOUR MOMENTUM.

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