"Good Enough" Is The Killer Of Dreams

June 28, 2020 1 min read

Andy standing in front of a tractor

Why is it when we are kids, we dream of becoming an astronaut, or a scientist, or a professional athlete

… but when we become adults, a $60,000/year salary and a mortgage on a house is “good enough”?

Who is defining this “good enough”?

Why are we thinking in terms of “good enough”?

Have you ever thought about why the term “good enough” is embedded in your brain?

The truth is … we sabotage our big dreams and goals by conforming to the petty standards of society.

Average people accept an average salary to appear average in front of the other average people that make up our average society.

Every legendary person that you look up to always kept their dreams alive inside of their heart. They broke out of the average cocoon of life and became unforgettable.

You should work to do the same.

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