It’s Not Lonely At The Top

September 29, 2021 1 min read

A group of people huddled together

We've all heard the saying "It's lonely at the top."

Let me be the first to tell you it's bullshit.

The path of high achievement is one that very few people will commit to.

That's just how it is by sheer statistics.

So when you first begin to separate yourself from your current friends...

It's going to feel lonely.

You have to understand that this feeling of loneliness is temporary...

It's simply a transition between the relationships you currently have...

...and the relationships that you're going to establish along your journey.

You're going to meet people who want more...

People who want to be better...

People who are going to push you to improve.

Bridging the gap between your old friends and your new friends is going to take time...

Be patient.

These new relationships are going to be deeper, more fulfilling, and help propel you to achieve your goals and dreams...

Instead of holding you back.

This feeling of loneliness is part of the process...

It will pass.

It's not "lonely at the top."

It's lonely in the middle.

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