Control the Story That is Told About You

November 27, 2022 1 min read

Andy talking to people

I want you to ask yourself this after every interaction you have...

“If that person were to go leave a review about me on Facebook for everyone to see … what would it say?”

Would it be overwhelmingly positive?

Would it be indifferent?

Would it be ugly?

Because whether you think so or not...

What people think of you matters, and is reflected in your daily life through the money you make...

The opportunities you have...

The connections you make...

The relationships you have...

...and a ton of other shit that can dictate the outcome of your life.

There is always a story being told about you.

The only way to control it is by being a living, breathing example of the story that you'd like to be told.

Something to think about.

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