If You Can't See It Now, You Won't Live It Later

September 24, 2020 1 min read

Andy looking up

Have you ever wondered why you have to first pretend to fall asleep before you actually fall asleep?

The same concept applies in every other area of your life.

You have to visualize daily how you want your life to be before it actually happens.

You have to feel the sight, smell, and taste of the life you want before you actually live it everyday.

If you don’t think something can actually happen…

Your disbelief will hide it from you...

And it makes achieving your goals nearly impossible.

This is a very important concept. In fact, it's equally as important as working hard, constantly improving, and having aggressive patience.

This lack of the solid, unshaken belief in yourself…

This lack of daily visualization…

Will always keep the idea of your perfect life incomplete…

And you will always be the person sitting there thinking...

“Why don’t good things happen to me?”

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