How to Avoid Burnout

October 23, 2022 2 min read

Andy working out

Most people think the path to greatness is always fun and exciting.

They think they can “play business” at Starbucks with their latte and laptop...

Cruise through their days with ease...

...and then suddenly … everything they ever dreamed of will materialize overnight.

But as soon as they're faced with hardship, adversity, and the truth of what it actually takes to win long-term...

They begin to bitch, pout, and whine about how they're "burned out."

But the real problem isn't that they are "burned out"...

The real problem is their bullshit attitude.

These people fail to realize that there are a whole lot of gritty motherfuckers out there working through the hard times...

While the rest of the world is infatuated with alleviating stress and avoiding burnout.

Want to know what it takes to actually avoid burnout?

Come to the understanding that you are always in competition against people who will stop at nothing to win and take the food right off your plate.

You won't have time to think about "burnout."

...and if you feel burned out now, it's because you're COMPLACENT.

The real solution to curing burnout is by taking inventory of how well you're taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually...

Working to be your best in those areas...

Then going out and dominating in whatever the fuck you do…

Because taking a break to "take care of yourself" won't do shit.

Trust me on this.

Get aggressive...

Stay aggressive...

Do the work...

...and never look back.

…and never forget that even at your best you’re only a short ride back where you came from and lots of people would be happy to take your spot.

That's how you avoid "burnout.”

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