Are You Playing to Just Win Today?

October 14, 2020 2 min read

Andy in gym 

How many times have you encountered sales people who relentlessly bug you until you buy something from them, just so they’ll leave you alone?

They’re the same kind of people/companies who post on social media at the end of every month, essentially begging people to buy from them so they can hit their sales goals.

I bet you know some people like that…

But how many of those people are on the list of successful, wealthy, and influential people who are industry leaders?


Do you know why?

It’s because the people who concentrate on just making a sale…

Will likely never build a solid, loyal customer-base.

They don’t care about following up with their customers…

They don’t care about whether their product is benefiting the customer or not…

They don’t care about their customer’s wins...

They only care about their own.

These people are after that one quick transaction, then move onto the next one.

They’re constantly hunting for new “targets” all their life.

Successful people, the ones who really win, know it’s a long game.

They care about their customer…

They follow up and check on their customer regularly … because they care.

They understand that the longevity of their business depends on the happiness and satisfaction of every single person they interact with.

Whether you own a business or not…

This concept applies to anyone who wants to be successful in life.

Do you treat people as a transaction to help you hit your sales goals this month?

Or do you see it as an opportunity to contribute and help them solve their problem, and as a result create a customer for life?

Are you playing to just win today?

Or are you playing to win the championship?

A question to ponder.

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