Finish What You Start

September 26, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella walking outside

A lot of people have no issue with stepping out of their comfort zone when it comes to starting something new...

Which is a great thing … and a character trait you need to win.

But, for as many people who are willing to get started...

There are far less people who actually finish.


Understand that the real world doesn't hand out participation trophies.

The "trophies" are earned by the people who finish.

Bigger “trophies” are earned by people who place well.

…but to place well you first have to finish.

If you truly want a chance to win and see your goals come to fruition...

You need grit.

You need perseverance.

You need to remove quitting from the table completely.

When shit gets difficult...

Let everyone else quit.

That just means less competition for you.

No ... your success is not guaranteed.

But if you quit...

Your failure is guaranteed.

Your ability to push through no matter how much you want to quit is the number one thing that will separate you from everybody else.

Make sure you finish.

It’s the prerequisite to you winning.

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