Don’t Imprison Yourself

September 25, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella on stage

You have been conditioned to be afraid.

You have been conditioned to self-censor.

You have been conditioned not to think, act, or speak "outside the lines."

It's an illusion.

You are afraid because you have made yourself afraid.

Life gets a lot simpler when you realize nobody cares.

Stop agonizing over what people are gonna think if you do this or that...

Say this or that...

Or think this or that.

Who fucking cares?


Everyone else is busy with their own lives agonizing in their own way about the same things you are.

Let it go.

The most famous people in the world fuck up and people forget in 24 hours.

You can think, say, and do what you want and most people are never going to notice.

This is a great thing.

Stop imprisoning yourself with your own thoughts.

This doesn't have to be this hard.

Do you.

Become exactly who you wish to become...

Regardless of what it is.

Fuck anyone who doesn't like it.

It's pretty simple.

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