Earn the Right to Feel Good About Yourself

June 05, 2022 1 min read

Andy working out

No matter how hard you buy into the "everybody feels good" movement...

You will never have true confidence and self-esteem unless you EARN IT through your ACTIONS.

It doesn't matter how many mantras you repeat...

It doesn't matter what "self care" routine you adhere to...

It doesn't matter how many feel-good memes you share...

You still have to go home … look yourself in the mirror … and deal with how you truly feel about yourself.

Do you have real confidence?

Or are you faking it?

Do you actually feel good about yourself?

Or are you faking it?

Deep down, you know the truth.

Want to build yourself into someone you can truly be proud of?

Quit tolerating your bullshit … and start earning the right to feel good about yourself by taking action.

There is no other way.

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