Don't Fall For The Highlight Reels

January 16, 2020 3 min read

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There are a lot of people out there who make you feel like you are way behind.

I get it.

You look around and the hell are all these people so far ahead of me?

I'd like to offer you a few points to think about...

A lot of these people are completely full of shit.


If you read the bio of 99% of the Entrepreneurs on Instagram you’d think they were Warren Buffet.

They are always happy.

They own 17 companies.

They have sold 5 billion on the internet.

...but notice NOBODY in real life knows them.

...notice their actual lives do not reflect their claims.

...notice how you never see their office or employees (and even some of these people are just running a huge operation of bullshit)

Oh and that “blue check” yeah that means nothing either. For a lot of people it's a “I'm legit” creditably factor that disarms people into trusting them.


The fact is most of these people are complete frauds or massive exaggerators AT BEST.

They show you what they want to show you.

They say and post things that are simply untrue in order to project a certain image to you.

The reason they want to project this image is:

1. They are insecure about what they have actually accomplished and want to feel more important & successful than they really are.

2. They want to sell you shit

This is an epidemic.

I've spoken to so many people out there who are confused and uber frustrated as to how all these people have figured out something they haven’t.

That’s generally not the case.

The real case is:

These people have no morals and have no issues pretending to be something they aren’t so they can feel important...even if it makes other people feel like shit.

Most of them have zero issue monetizing that through selling “how to” courses or pretending to be a “speaker” or completely making up a life that isn’t real.

I've been in the “Entrepreneurial Space” online for a long LONG time and I can for sure tell you that most of the people you look up to are completely full of shit.


That's just a fact.

So here are three things you can do to become happier immediately:

1. Quit blindly following people’s advice who you look up to...

Instead, learn how to think for yourselves and look deep at people who have a fancy IG bio.

Does it all add up?

Do their lives add up?

Do they talk about how big of a deal they are in their bio, but you never actually see their office or real world evidence of what they claim?

Where does all this “success” come from?

Do they have a “secret” they want to sell you?

(There are no secrets...and the people that are truly successful know this and will tell you straight up)


2. Realize that 99% of people online are not showing you the real story. They show you what makes them look better and what makes them feel better. It's not about anything other than them.

You know why I and guys like Ed Mylett basically GIVE our information away for free...

Because we have successful companies in REAL LIFE and it's not even worth our time to nickel and dime people like this.

It would actually COST US money.

I don't need to beg for you to buy my shit.

Neither does he.

We GIVE BACK because we know how hard this game of life actually is and we have been fortunate enough to build REAL LIVES OF “SUCCESS” and want you to as well.

That was why I never ran one paid ad over the 4 years I ran the show even though at #1 we could have made between 3-7 million a year on ads alone.

3. Recognize these people are lying, put your head down on your own life/projects and stop comparing yourself to these circus clowns online.

It's no different than comparing your life to a fictional movie character.

Which makes zero sense.

So stop.

Focus on your execution and the rest will take care of itself.


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