Don’t Try to Be a Superhero

January 19, 2024 1 min read

Andy smoking a cigar and talking

It is not your job to be a superhero and attempt to "rescue" anybody from their bad habits.

Most of these people are completely satisfied with the way they choose to live their lives…

…and the ones who aren’t will likely hate you for pointing out where they need to change.

Ask me how I know.

Here’s the deal…

No matter how hard you try...

You cannot "save" them.

It's a complete waste of your effort and energy.

Instead of spending your time worrying about how other people choose to live...

Focus on building the best life you possibly can for yourself by embracing and pursuing excellence.

The only way to inspire real change in others is through the example you set.

If they see it they are more likely to be it.

...and while not everybody is going to take note of your example and start following in your footsteps...

The right people always will.

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