Success is Not a Destination

January 20, 2024 2 min read

Andy walking 

I truly believe that the reason why so many people feel lost in life is because they haven't taken the time to identify what success means to them.

...and because they haven't made the decision about what their version of a successful life looks like...

Their indecision keeps them from forming and executing on a game plan to go out and build that life.

You won’t feel good about your life drifting in the wind.

So ask yourself...

What does success look like for you?

A lot of people think success is about achieving financial freedom...

Having all the fame and influence...

Making a big impact...

Being healthy and happy...

Turning your passion into a career...

...and everything else that most people think of when they hear the word "success."

I personally believe that success is a commitment to the pursuit of your potential.

Notice how I say "pursuit" instead of "fulfillment."

I say this because it’s important to recognize that your potential is constantly expanding through the skills you build and lessons you learn along the journey…

Which means your potential can never actually be fulfilled and there will never be a limit to how great you can become.

The only thing that limits you is time on this earth.

The way I see it…

Success is a decision...

Not a destination.

It's a decision to show up every single day giving everything you got understanding that in the end you’re still gonna be in a box in the ground like everyone else.

It's a decision to work your fucking ass off knowing you are gonna make a big mess of things over and over and be embarrassed over and over along the way.

It's a decision to live up to the standard you aspire to live to if for no other reason you understand that the people around you deserve to see an example of what doing your best really looks like.

...and it's choosing to do these things consistently over the course of your life…

Dying KNOWING you gave it your all.

That's what success means to me.

I believe we have an obligation to pursue it.

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