Pay Attention to the Path Ahead

January 18, 2024 1 min read

Andy Frisella speaking on stage

Working hard and attacking your day-to-day tasks with urgency are essential components to becoming successful in anything you do.

At the same time...

It's also important to know when to take a step back…

Evaluate your game plan...

...and make the adjustments necessary to win long-term.

A lot of people will focus solely on moving full speed ahead without paying any attention to the obstacles and roadblocks that present themselves...

Eventually causing them to spin out of control and crash.

Understand that while going full speed ahead may give you a temporary lead...

If you aren't taking the time to calibrate your speed and direction in relation to the opportunities and problems that come up...

You will lose in the long run to the people who do.

Don't blind yourself to the ever-changing conditions on the path ahead.

Success isn't a race.

...and if you treat it like it is...

You'll eventually find yourself way off track wondering what the fuck happened.

Learn to shift gears and make adjustments when it's necessary.

It's the only way you'll ever get wherever it is you're trying to go.

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