Don’t Preach What You Don’t Practice

October 04, 2020 1 min read

Andy looking forward

Do you know what makes your life difficult?

Pretending what you are not.

Some people do it online...

Some people do it in real life.

Not only does it take a lot of energy...

But it also makes you sick with “imposter syndrome”...

Where you know you are just pretending to be someone else...

And that’s a feeling that will eat you from the inside.

I could tell you countless examples where I've turned down 7-figure deals/sponsorships because I didn’t use that product/service, or I didn’t connect with that business's ideology.

I refuse to be anything other than myself.

Unless you start being truthful about your behavior and your actions...

Both online and in real life...

You won’t understand how freeing it is...

How light you can feel...

And the inner-peace that comes with it.

It makes you more efficient at whatever it is that you do...

Resulting in a better life.

The outcome of cultivating this simple habit is exponential.

Don’t preach what you don’t practice.

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