Your Finances Are the Symptoms, Not the Problem

October 05, 2020 2 min read

Money signs in a pile

20 times a day people ask me for a tip or piece of advice in regards to “the secrets to success”.

19/20 of these people are worried about their finances ... asking about ways to earn more money.

What they don’t realize and what I want you to realize as well is that your finances are NOT the problem, they are the SYMPTOMS.

It’s your behavior.

It’s your habits.

It’s how seriously you take your daily tasks.

Do you do everything you need to do every day with full intent?

And more importantly, do you do them to the utmost perfection?

Because a troubled financial situation is the result of cutting corners in the actions you take when there is no one looking at you.

You have to operate at the utmost degree of perfection that you could possibly achieve.

That means everything you do is important.

Whether it is cleaning the piss droplets off of the toilet seat…

Or writing that important work email.

You have to be extremely flawless as if your life depended on it...

Because it does.

The sooner you understand this…

The sooner you will start to win.

If you get the attitude that “Oh hey, I will just do the bare minimum on this one. No one’s gonna know!”

That attitude is gonna infect all the areas of your life.

And soon you will be compromising not only with work…

But with your relationships, your physique, and eventually your finances!

You will be left with a mediocre life.

If you want to absolutely dominate…

You have to realize that perfection is not optional.

It is required.

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