Don’t Create Your Own Resistance

June 12, 2021 1 min read

Andy talking

These days it’s popular for people to talk about the “haters” they have.

The truth is...

These people don't have haters...

At all.

They haven't done anything significant enough in their life to attract real haters.

Most people invent their own resistance...

They don't actually face the resistance they think they face.

When we go out to create a better life for ourselves...

We start to worry about what Tommy from work is going to say...

Or how Suzy on Facebook is going to react.

What ends up happening … is we actually talk ourselves out of taking action, because of what people MIGHT SAY vs what they'll ACTUALLY SAY.

I guarantee you that nobody is talking about you.

If they are...

It's because you're doing something great…

...and if this is the case...

You wouldn't actually care what they're saying about you.

So are you doing anything to legitimately create hate...

Or are you making it up in your brain?

99% of the time … the real problem is you.

So get out of your own head...

...and start taking action.

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