Ditch the Victim Mentality

November 18, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking into a microphone

Your happiness and success in life is weighed heavily on how you choose to interpret and look at the things that happen to you.

The older I get...

The more clear this has become.

If you constantly have a "poor little me" attitude and bitch about how unlucky you are...

You will always feel like the universe is working against you.

If you are optimistic and search for the lesson or opportunity in every situation your find yourself in...

It will feel like the universe is working for you.

What if you're not a victim, and every hardship you're faced with is actually designed to help you develop the skills necessary to build the life you truly want?

How much better would you feel about yourself and your life if you thought this way?

The truth is...

The universe doesn't hate you.

God doesn't hate you.

You aren't unlucky.

You've just convinced yourself otherwise through the bullshit stories you sell yourself.

Quit buying them.

Change your outlook...

Change your life.

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