Ditch the Jealousy and Hate

July 03, 2024 1 min read

I honestly can't think of anything cooler than seeing other people win.

I can't identify with the hater mindset ... at all.

Whatever that shit is that makes people like that...

I wasn't infected by it.

I'm super grateful for that.

I love seeing other people go out and win.

It inspires me to go harder too.

I appreciate you guys who go hard.

The world needs that more than ever.

...and for those of you who hate on other people when they win...

Understand that your feelings of jealousy and hate are sending a message to the universe.

That message says that you do not like winning...

...and as long as you hold onto these feelings...

You will never win.


Ditch the jealousy and hate.

Learn to get excited for other people when they win.

It's the only way you'll ever win yourself.

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