Confidence Is Built Through Execution

April 12, 2022 1 min read

Andy on stage with his arms up

You can't buy confidence.

You can't borrow it.

You can't get it from an internet meme.

You can't get it from daily affirmations.

It has to be planted and nurtured...

Not just for one day...

Not just for one week...

But every single day...

...for a long fucking time.

Understand that your confidence is built through execution.

The more you execute...

The more problems you solve.

The more shit you accomplish...

The more your confidence will grow.

So if you feel like you lack confidence…

I promise it's because you either...

A. Aren't executing


B. Haven't been executing for long enough

Be patient...

Keep executing...

...and eventually you will never have a problem with confidence again.

That's a fact.

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