Commit Yourself to Becoming Better

January 22, 2024 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking to employees

The next time you find yourself alone with your thoughts...

I want you to ask yourself...

Are you doing the absolute best you can at your job?

Are you doing the absolute best you can for the people in your life?

Are you doing the absolute best you can for yourself?

You don't need to give me any answers.

These questions are for you to reflect on.

If you have the self-awareness...

...and if you are actually serious about achieving your goals and becoming the person you say it is you want to become...

You'll quickly identify multiple ways you can improve in all of these areas.

Pay very close attention to these thoughts...

Take note of the areas you can improve in...

Form a game plan to implement these improvements...

Then execute.

The longer you avoid having these honest and difficult conversations with yourself...

The longer you'll keep yourself from progressing.

Commit yourself to being and becoming better.

While none of us will ever be perfect...

Every single one of us can do better.

That's the truth.

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