Commit to the Process, Not the Result

October 24, 2020 1 min read

Andy sitting at the gym

The number 1 reason why most people never achieve what they desire…

Is that average people quit way before they develop the tenacity, persistence, and mental toughness to keep on going for the big win.

Why is that?

I know patience is a key factor to achieving success…

But there’s more to it than just that.

Average people are obsessed with the result of their work.

In their head ... once they achieve that goal, they're done.

On the flip side...

The people who are at the top of the world in their industry understand it’s all about the process ... because the end goal is always becoming bigger for them.

They are so focused on improving their skills and being on the journey itself…

That they tune out the end result like you would ignore the sound of the wind while driving…

What happens when they get the desired outcome?

They keep working…

What happens when they get the unwanted outcome?

They still keep working.

This is a concept that is not understood by average people…

But the ultra-successful understand it to the core.

They know they have to put all their commitment into the journey...

And keep executing and improving no matter what the conditions are.

That’s why they keep winning.

That’s why they keep dominating.

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