Start Being Loyal to Yourself

July 08, 2024 1 min read

A lot of people like to talk about loyalty.

...But how can you talk about "loyalty" when you aren't even loyal to your future self?

Look at how you're living.

Can you honestly look yourself in the mirror and say that you are living in a way that will produce the best outcome in the future?

In all areas?

The right way?

If the answer is anything but "Yes. Absolutely. 100%"...

You are not in a position to say a word about loyalty.

...Or anything else either.

Start being loyal to yourself…

By pursuing the best possible version of yourself and taking the actions to become that day in and day out.

That's loyalty.

The most important kind.

If you can't even be loyal to yourself...

With your actions not your words...

You've got zero shot.


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