Be Authentic

May 17, 2024 1 min read


You can't win in life by copying somebody else.

Everybody can recognize a cheap knock-off when they see one.

Nobody respects it...

...and it will do irreversible damage to your reputation.

That's the truth.

So if you're actually serious about winning...

Which I'm assuming you are since you're reading this...

You have to embrace your own, true authentic self.

Am I saying you can't take inspiration from the successful and influential people you look up to?

Absolutely not.

These people provide a lot of valuable lessons and information that you can pull from to shape your own identity.

But there is a massive difference between adopting similar beliefs and characteristics of others...

...and being a living regurgitation of them altogether.

You have to form your own beliefs...

Your own way of thinking...

…and your own characteristics.

What unique ideas can you bring to the table?

What unique skills do you possess?

That's what makes you valuable.

Being a carbon copy of somebody else is a strategy that will confine you to mediocrity your entire life.

Be you.

Be authentic.

It's the only way to win.

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