Authenticity is Everything

May 10, 2023 1 min read

Andy on stage 

Everyone wants to be cool.

Everyone wants to be liked.

Everyone wants to be loved.

…but have you ever put any thought into what actually makes someone these things?

Because I promise you this...

It isn't the cars...

It isn't the house...

It isn't the vacations...

It isn't the clothes...

It isn't the money...

It isn't the followers...

It isn't the likes...

It isn't any of that shit.

None of that shit matters.

You can like it.

You can enjoy it.

It still doesn’t matter.

What matters is making a decision about exactly who YOU are...

Living that life authentically...

...and using your unique skills and abilities to positively impact others.

That's it.

Being "cool" or liked or loved has nothing to do with what others think about you...

It has everything to do with how you think of yourself.

...and the only way you'll ever feel cool, confident, and comfortable with yourself is by putting in the time and effort to become the most badass version of yourself possible…


Pretending won’t cut it.

You have to intentionally create yourself.

Become who it is you were meant to become.

It’s the greatest gift you could ever give the world.

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