Tell Yourself the Truth

May 09, 2023 1 min read

Andy speaking from a stage

Your growth relies heavily on your ability to assess yourself honestly and often.

Don't believe me?

Try improving when you don't know what it is you need to improve on...

It's impossible.

Just know that there is a fine line between honest self-assessment ... and beating yourself up.

At the same time, there's also a fine line between honest self-assessment ... and letting yourself off the hook with bullshit excuses and justifications.

The better you become at walking the line between them...

The closer your self-reflection will bring you to the truth.

Here's my advice:

Next time you're given the opportunity to reflect on your actions and decisions in any given situation...

Detach yourself...

Carefully evaluate the facts...

Identify the truth...

Develop a plan...

Then take action.

Everyone makes lots of mistakes.

What matters is that you keep going, learn the lesson and not repeat the same mistake again.

Tell yourself the truth.

No more.

No less.

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