October 05, 2018 2 min read


"What if?" is a question I hear people asking all the time...people who are in the middle of their entrepreneurial journey...or people who are in the midst of trying to accomplish a big goal. The reality is, people who constantly ask themselves that question are mentally abusing themselves. They are subjecting themselves to doubt & uncertainty. Successful people, entrepreneurs or otherwise, are different. They ask entirely different questions and operate under a whole different set of expectations. 


00:10 – Andy’s introduction to today’s show 

03:45 – The one question that is holding many young entrepreneurs back 

04:40 – How most people view success in the wrong way

05:30 – Why you are probably mentally torturing yourself 

06:10 – The reason successful entrepreneurs always have a flexible plan 

07:00 – How people use this mental framework in sports and fitness

09:10 – Why you have to stop asking "what if" and starting taking action 

11:10 – How the little things and the challenges you overcome on your journey sweeten success

11:50 – Why you can't skip the process of learning by doing on your journey to achievement

12:30 – Why the "what if" question is so toxic and needs to be eliminated from your vocabulary

13:15 – How the key to success is not having the perfect plan; it's taking action when you don't know what to do

13:45 – The one thing that differentiates people who succeed from those who don't

14:30 – Why failure fuels learning and ultimately breeds results

15:10 – How to stand out and differentiate yourself from the average


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