September 18, 2018 2 min read


Jocko Willink is among the best in the world on the subject of leadership & in this episode he joins me to talk about his new book "The Dichotomy of Leadership." We talk about the opposing qualities that leaders need to develop, as well as Jocko's tactics for dealing with lack of confidence, overly inflated egos, & a ton of other situations & challenges a leader will face with any team or business on the planet. This is as thorough an education on leadership as you're going to less than 90 minutes.


00:00:10 – Andy’s introduction to today’s show

00:02:00 – The two skills you need to learn in order to be successful in life 

00:04:15 – Why a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with leadership

00:05:30 – An introduction to Jocko’s new book The Dichotomy of Leadership

00:08:55 – How the book helped Andy better understand his past mistakes as a leader  

00:11:10 – Why the book is extremely valuable for leaders of all levels 

00:13:00 – How can modulate your behavior based on the individuals you lead

00:14:55 – Why Andy struggled with managing individuals within his teams early on

00:17:00 – Why leadership is the hardest skill in the world to master

00:19:00 – How leadership is the same, regardless of application or industry 

00:23:00 – The one thing you need to develop if you want to be successful long-term  

00:26:00 – Why humility needs to be balanced with ego within both yourself and team overall

00:30:50 – The remedy Jocko implements to cure a majority of leadership issues  

00:34:40 – How to deal with team members that you feel are wasting potential  

00:37:20 – What you can do with employees that are dragging your team down 

00:40:20 – When you know you should make a personnel change

00:43:15 – How to have difficult conversations as a leader 

00:46:00 – Why you must take complete accountability when you’re leading 

00:47:50 – The common mistakes of a well-intentioned leader 

00:53:00 – How Jocko observes and evaluates his team members 

00:56:00 – Why developing your people is the only way to move up the ranks 

00:59:20 – The most underrated quality of leadership 

01:01:30 – Humility is overrated: why you need an ego to do something big 

01:06:50 – The hardest thing to balance as both a leader and individual  

01:10:30 – How amazing leaders answer questions from employees 

01:12:20 – The best way to get buy-in from your team

01:15:00 – How to marry big ideas with day-to-day execution 

01:17:30 – Why having a strong purpose will always serve you well in the long run 

01:21:50 – Where to find Jocko’s show and content


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