August 08, 2019 2 min read

This is a message to anybody who is frustrated with some aspect of your life...whether your frustration is with your business, or a relationship, or your fitness...or whatever! There are two realizations you must have before success will materialize for you, & when I tell you what they are, you're probably going to say "well, no sh!t"...but I guarantee you're not really acting on these realizations. When you do...& I'm going to tell you how...things will go far, far better for you.


00:10 – Andy's introduction to today's podcast

01:30 – The information and instruction behind the review contest

03:00 – Why Andy only speaks when he has something important to say

03:40 – The two realizations you need to come to when you're struggling 

04:15 – Why your career should accelerate over time, as long as you stay in the same industry 

05:30 – How instant gratification has spoiled our patience as a society 

08:30 – Why competition wanes as you achieve more and more success 

11:00 – How success can happen a lot faster today than ever 

12:15 – The reason you need to struggle during the lag time of success 

14:45 – Why most young entrepreneurs are always looking for the next big thing

15:30 – How the most successful people are inherently finishers 

16:30 – Why the world only rewards those who finish 

20:00 – How things will get easier, if you stay the course 


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