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Here are the facts about failure: Too many people fear it. Not only is it a fact of life, Andy Frisella argues, it is a learning experience, a sign that you're in the game, and - ultimately - not a big deal.  So the MFCEO says:  Get over it.  And get over yourself.

Episode Soundbytes

No One Has Never Failed

"When we talk about successful people, you cannot find somebody who hasn't failed multiple times to get to that point, okay? It doesn't exist, it doesn't fucking exist."

"Is there the one out of a trillion who hasn't ever failed? Maybe. I don't know that person; I've never read that person’s story. I know there's these people out there right now, they're saying, "Oh, Andy, I know this one guy ..." blah, blah, blah. Fuck you, okay? You and your little story, stick it up your ass. For the rest of us, it doesn't exist. You have to understand and accept the fact that you're going to fall on your fucking face, multiple times. It’s just like riding a bike. You jump on the bike the first time, what happens? You fucking fall over. You jump on the bike the second time, you go a couple feet, then what happens? You fall over, you skin your knee. As kids, we don't have this fear of failure. Think about learning to walk. When you learned to walk, you didn't fall down the first time and say, 'Fuck this, I can't do it.'"

Society Teaches Us To Fear Failure

"Quitting is taught to us, and fear of failure is instilled by society into us. They put this fucking fear inside of us. You know how they do that? You trip and fall when you're trying a new sport in your grade school. The kids that are better than you make fun of you."

Failure Doesn't Feel Good

"It doesn't feel good. Then you're trying to learn a new instrument, and you're no good, and the guy who's better than you says, "Dude you fucking suck". You see what I'm saying."

Fear of Failure Isn't In Our Nature

"Fear of failure isn’t in our nature; it's not something we're born with. Inherently, you are wired for success. You've just let people put the idea that failure is a bad thing."

Failure Is A Part of the Process

"Failure is a part of the process; it's a part of the recipe. You're going to fuck shit up. Big deal. Accept that right now. Accept it right now. I'm going to fuck up. I'm going to be embarrassed. My feelings are going to get hurt, and that's the way it’s going to be. Accept it.  It’s a fact of life.  Yes. It's the fucking air we breathe. It’s gravity. It's a fucking law. You're going to have it, all right? It's like apologizing for a sneeze."

The Successful Have the Will To Overcome Failure

"You see these polished people that go through life and they become successful and you think, "Man that guy has just got it, he's got it". No, you know what that guy has? He has a will to not give up when he falls on his fucking face."

You Are Arrogant If You Think You Will Not Fail

"How arrogant is it for you to think that you are going to come up, knowing that everybody fails, that you are going to come up with the perfect plan, even though everybody else on earth goes through this. Think about how arrogant that thought is. You’re insulting everybody else who actually went through the process."

Attempt And Failure Earns Respect

If you're attempting shit and you fail, know that you’ll respect yourself more for it. 99% of the people on earth wouldn’t even try what you did. If you've got the fucking balls to come through, and fucking step out, you're already in that 1%. Your income may not show it, your house may not show it, your car may not show it, but your fucking heart shows it. That's what people have to understand. You have to fucking get over the idea that failure is a bad thing, and accept it. Do it regardless of whatever the fear is because you're going to earn self-respect. You're going to earn a feeling of confidence from knowing that, "Hey, at least I had the balls to do that".

Players Are Always Better Than Spectators

"Even the worst player on a football team is better than a spectator. Think about all the guys on college football who dropped passes, or all the guys in baseball who fucking stroke out. They're a hundred fucking times better than that the spectators, because they are out there doing it. At least when you're failing, you're in the fucking game—you're not on the sidelines like a little bitch."

Part of Getting Where You Want Is Figuring Out What Doesn't Work

"Part of getting where you want to be is figuring out what doesn't fucking work. Everybody who is successful in the course of history understands that concept. If you want to be somewhere, you've got to figure out how not to get there before you figure out how to get there."

Mistakes Are An Educational Investment in Yourself

"You have to look at your mistakes as an educational investment in yourself. If you reframe failure as learning and fuck-ups as an investment in your knowledge, only then you can go from being devastated by failures to being encouraged by them—you understand that you're one step closer to figuring it out. How many times did Thomas Edison have to fuck up the light bulb to get it to work? Is it 9999 times? On the 10,000th time the light bulb came up."

Knowing What Not To Do Is Important

Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do.  It’s common sense to people who are on the other side of the mountain. When you're at the front of the mountain, you're the naïve, starting out, not experienced entrepreneur. When you get some salt, you get some grit, you've been through some fucking battles and you're on the other side of the mountain, this shit is common sense.

Just Go Out And Do Shit

"If your goal is to build something great, to just kill it, and create an incredible business … maybe failing won't bother you as much, but if it's all about you and you looking good—that’s where the problem lies. When you make everything about you, this false ego is built, and you don't want anybody poking a little fucking hole in it. That's going to hold you back. You’re going to learn every fucking thing you need to know from failing, and when you're just starting out, that’s a hard thing to accept. Just get the fuck over yourself. Go out and do shit. That's the bottom line. Fuck shit up, learn your mistakes, and move forward. If you can be okay with that, there's nothing that can stop you."

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