November 20, 2018 2 min read


Heavy D & Diesel Dave are in the house! The guys from The Diesel Brothers, the hit show on The Discovery Channel, joined us in the studio and we talked about everything from custom builds & skid loaders to building a multi-million-dollar brand & what it takes to win big in business & succeed at everything you do. These guys are seriously good dudes - men of character who also happen to be first-rate entrepreneurs. Listen up & you'll laugh & learn a ton.


00:00:20 – Andy's introduction to today's show 

00:01:10 – Introducing The Diesel Brothers 

00:03:10 – The overlooked benefits of the internet and social media 

00:04:30 – How they are changing network television for the better 

00:06:00 – Why their story is a microcosm of the American dream 

00:08:30 – What we can all learn from running an excavator 

00:10:30 – How the "fake it 'til you make it" mindset led them to success

00:14:00 – Why one small mistake almost crushed their entire business

00:16:15 – How Heavy D's dad beat brain cancer for 20 years through belief

00:18:30 – Why the habit of working hard was Diesel Dave's key to achievement 

00:20:00 – How The Diesel Brothers are making strong morals and family values cool 

00:21:00 – Why prioritization is important at all stages of life

00:22:30 – How hard work can solve all of your problems 

00:24:30 – Why you have to take responsibility of the way you spend your time and money NOW 

00:27:00 – How you can extend your prime later than ever today 

00:29:30 – Why most people just accept their circumstances to avoid doing the work 

00:38:00 – How they kept the business going even when things got difficult 

00:41:00 – Why they put everything into flipping cars 

00:44:00 – How they started using sweepstakes to grow their business 

00:47:00 – Why being authentic has been the key to success for The Diesel Brothers 

00:52:00 – How becoming a public figure gives you the power to change the course of history 

00:57:00 – Why your beliefs are so powerful in both business and life

00:59:30 – The power of vision boards and why you need to continually aim higher

01:02:00 – How charity can help fuel your long-term growth 

01:05:00 – Why you should always be looking to improve yourself 

01:08:00 – The Diesel Brothers' long-term vision for their brand and lives overall

01:09:00 – One simple hack to help you change your relationship with money

01:13:30 – Why you need to protect your own schedule 

01:17:00 – The importance of your relationship with your wife

01:21:00 – Why you need to turn off notifications on your phone

01:28:00 – What Diesel Dave has learned from traveling the world 

01:29:30 – Why money can help solve many of the world's problems 

01:31:10 – How to follow The Diesel Brothers on social media


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