November 18, 2018 2 min read

Why is that people nowadays think that if we disagree, we have to hate each other? Why do people think that if I share an opinion that is the opposite of yours, that it's somehow a personal attack & offensive? The media & politicians fuel this mentality & it's really killing our ability to get along & be good & decent people to one another. It's got to stop. There's a way to disagree - even strongly - with one another without despising each other. That's what we talk about in today's Sunday Sermon.


00:20 – Andy's introduction to today's Sunday Sermon

01:20 – Andy's new favorite Netflix series 

04:15 – Why Andy wants to have a beer with Barack Obama despite not voting for him

06:20 – How humans have far more in common than they do different 

07:30 – Why letting the extremes determine the mean has had an ill effect on American culture 

08:45 – How you can respect individual's viewpoints while still disagreeing with them

10:30 – The evolution of liberalism and free speech   

14:00 – Why outrage culture is born out of a lack of humility and open-mindedness 

16:00 – How to insulate yourself from the negativity we're all bombarded with daily 

18:30 – Why the media has shifted their underlying messages over the years 

21:20 – How most people don't know how to pick up on bias in today's news cycle 

24:30 – Why the more secure you are, the less you have to defend yourself 

26:00 – How the internet makes arguments deteriorate a lot faster than in-person debates

30:00 – The difference between insults and intelligent opinions 

34:00 – How you can be proud of your position and still be reasonable

34:30 – Why everyone is lying about racism right now

37:00 – Andy's tips for having productive, intelligent conversations

40:00 – The one mindset you need to have when conversing

41:20 – How to have a productive sales call 

44:00 – What Vaughn and Andy learned from Obama's presidency  

48:00 – How compassion, calmness, and concern can transform lives

53:45 – Why you should never take things personally

54:50 – How rising above personal attacks is the road to solving this world's problems 

56:30 – Why you need to live authentically in both your private and public life in order to drive change

58:30 – Why what you do matters, regardless of your status or position


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