December 15, 2015 2 min read

Learn How to Solve Problems

Life and business are both full of problems. If you want to be successful, you better figure out how to approach them--and how to solve them.  This is part 1 of a 2-part series.

The First Problem To Solve Is You

Everything starts with you.  There’s not a single problem you’re really going to be able to solve in life if the worst problem in your life is YOU.  You have to make sure you THINK right, that you have the right ATTITUDE, the RIGHT PERSPECTIVE, and the willingness to DO WHAT IT TAKES to solve the problems that face you. So here are a couple questions I want to ask you:

Problem Stater vs. Solvers

Andy explains that some people simply recognize a problem and do nothing about it.  That's the scourge of passivity that runs through most people.  They are problem-staters.  True problem solvers are active.  They ask questions, like "What can I do to fix this problem?"

How do you view problems?

Perspective is everything.  Are problems pitfalls or paths to greatness?  Andy says that every major innovation was a result of someone seeing a problem and discovering an incredible solution.

Take Personal Responsibility for Fixing the Problem

Do you take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for solving the problem or PASS IT ON to someone else?  Andy says:  "Guys, a lot of you send me your questions and I appreciate your trust in me. A lot of you tell me about some problem that you’re facing.  I’m honored that you want my input. But here’s the reality: There’s a shit ton of questions I get about problems that I know that you can find the answer to YOURSELF."

Bottom Line:  Active, Not Passive and Proactive, Not Reactive

This is the bottom line:  True problem-solvers actively seek a solution, they do passively accept difficulty.  They prepare and plan in advance to deal with issues.  They don't sit around waiting for problems and they react when they happen.

This and More!

Can we summarize every pound of truth Andy drops?  Nope.  Just download the podcast.



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