December 10, 2015 2 min read

Andy Frisella tells you how to "auto-correct" your negativities

To be successful, you have to win the battle of the mind.  You have to take your thoughts and bend them to your will.

What's this about #Roarbacon?

A couple weeks ago, here in St. Louis, there was a tweet sent out about a St. Louis Blues Hockey game.  The guy meant to tweet “Blues ride Backes’ 5 goals to win game.”  That was a reference to David Backes, one of the players.  But his phone auto corrected it to Blues ROAR BACON.  Well, the funny thing is this phrase picked up, hashtagged, went viral, and has now become a rally cry in St. Louis for Blues fans. Auto-correct does funny things.

Our Thoughts Shape Who We Are

It got Andy thinking:  "Our thoughts shape who we are and what we do. Our negativities can be broken down into so many individual negative thoughts.  A lot of times, those thoughts can just be expressed by SINGLE WORDS or phrases.  We need to train ourselves to AUTO-CORRECT those words.

Auto-correct Negative Words Into Positive Ones

Andy Auto-Corrects "Obstacle" into OPPORTUNITY; "failure" into LESSON; and "lucky" into PRODUCTIVE.

Andy's Challenge

Today Andy wants to issue a challenge:  Every time you have a negative word pop into your head, CONSCIOUSLY AUTO-CORRECT it.  Every time a negative thought enters your mind, WILLFULLY AUTO-CORRECT.  Negative words or thoughts are just mental typos.  Determine every day to Auto-Correct all negativity out of existence.


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