When it comes to marketing & sales, most entrepreneurs consider social media the “sexy” choice. But the people who are really killing it in business…I’m talking about swimming in revenue…understand the incredible importance of email. My guest Joel Marion has built a 9-figure business because he mastered the art & rules of email marketing. If you think email is a dead channel, you don’t understand the power & potential it holds for people who take it seriously.


00:00:15 – Andy's introduction to today's show
00:02:50 – Introducing Joel Marion, the email expert
00:04:15 – Why entrepreneurs should consider living in Florida
00:06:30 – How Joel got his start as a high school teacher
00:07:30 – Why Body For Life got both Andy and Joel into fitness
00:08:30 – How he got rejected numerous times before getting into magazines
00:10:30 – Why Joel took ownership for his failures as an author
00:11:45 – How start selling directly to his customers through copy writing
00:13:30 – Why there is an art to the words you use in your emails
00:15:15 – How he $461k in three days selling an eBook
00:17:00 – Why he bootstrapped their supplement company to $100M in revenue in 18 months
00:18:30 – How email is still the biggest channel for driving growth
00:19:40 – Why 83% of consumers prefer communication via email
00:21:00 – How branding and direct response need to operate hand-in-hand
00:22:15 – Why emails are converting at 10x of social advertisements
00:23:30 – The four reasons everyone should be building an email list
00:26:10 – How building your company on a platform you don't own is flawed
00:28:10 – Why email marketing is built for strong analytics
00:30:00 – How segmentation is vital to optimizing conversions
00:31:30 – Why split testing is much easier on email platforms
00:33:45 – How sparking curiosity is the key to engaging copy
00:36:05 – Why social media is a good place to build an email list
00:37:50 – The best offers for email lists in 2019
00:40:00 – How to drive sign-ups from your social channels
00:41:10 – Why you need to use data to drive your content decisions
00:46:45 – How consistency and regularity wins time and time again
00:48:00 – Why Andy loves Seth Godin's email list
00:50:00 – How Gary Vee highlights the right content strategy in his book
00:54:45 – Why you need to create ethical bribes
00:57:30 – How segmentation is crucial to long-term success
00:58:45 – Why you need to trim the fat on your email list
01:00:30 – How to get your emails into the primary tab of Gmail
01:03:20 – The best way to stay in touch with Joel and his podcast


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