When someone does something really stupid or scandalous and gets caught...how do you respond? When someone has an epic moral failure or crashes and burns in business...do you like to join the rest of society & social media & pile on the judgement & criticism? How you choose to respond to people who do shady things - including shady things to you - will determine whether you live your life enslaved to hate & bitterness...or whether you live your life with freedom and power. 


00:20 – Andy's introduction to today's show
03:30 – Why we are all going to inevitably face adversity
05:00 – How Andy made the choice to build people up a long time ago
06:30 – Why openly judging people is setting yourself up for bad karma
07:30 – How you are personally capable of anything over time
08:20 – Why you should attack the performance, not the performer
10:00 – The difference between moral judgments and subjective criticism
11:00 – Why more and more people will try to expose you as you experience more success
12:00 – How morality has deteriorated in today's news cycle
14:00 – Why successful people refuse to talk shit
15:40 – How to develop empathy around other people's actions
17:15 – Why YOU are the only person holding you back
19:30 – How to let go of the self-fabricated anchors that keep you behind
21:30 – Why you need to get rid of the bitterness you feel towards others
24:30 – How Andy ditched his limiting beliefs and negative personal narratives
27:00 – Why you should have empathy and stand up for others
28:00 – How successful people respond to the failure of others
30:00 – Why you can't beat yourself up too much
31:50 – How self-deprecation, in the end, is counterproductive
33:00 – Why great leaders help correct situations
34:00 – When enough is enough and it's time to move on
36:00 – The two types of people in this world
37:20 – Why you should still feel empathy for your enemies
39:00 – How great leaders connect with their competitors
41:00 – Why no one is ever in a position to condemn anyone
42:30 – How the losers are always the first to criticize
43:50 – Why empowering others is the fundamental key to success
45:00 – How the youngest people are usually the most judgmental
47:20 – Why intelligence is not necessarily a prerequisite for success
52:00 – How the last 2% of extra effort makes all of the difference


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