August 10, 2015 2 min read

Customer Service 101:  The Essentials

Customer service is not about making a sale today.  It is about forging a relationship and building loyalty over a lifetime. From the supreme importance of solving problems and finding solutions to the proven formula of education, trust, and loyalty, Andy Frisella shares his thoughts on the essentials of customer service.

Sales vs. Customer Service

According to Andy, sales and customer service are two sides of the same coin.  It's easier to retain customers than to acquire new ones.  In his opinion, far more time should be spent on customer retention than acquisition.

Customer Service Starts with a Mentality About the Lifetime Value of a Customer

Before you even talk to customers, according to Andy, you have to think rightly about them.  It's not about "making a sale" today.  It's about "forging a friendship" over a lifetime.

It's Not About Selling

Customer service is not really about selling.  It's about helping people, solving problems, and finding solutions.  To be successful, you need to focus on long-term relationship building.

The Proven Formula for Customer Service: Education, Trust, Loyalty

The proven formula for customer service is education, trust, and loyalty.  You must teach your customer about your product or service, show them you have their best interest at heart, and they will back--again and again.

Passion is Essential

In order to serve your customers at the highest level, Andy says you must have a passion for your product or service.  That will drive all your actions.  You enjoy your product or service, so you want others to enjoy it, too.

Go the Extra Mile and Own the Conversation

According to Andy, you should always be looking for opportunities to go the extra mile, so that the customers will tell stories about you to their friends.  This helps you own the conversation.


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