Your Limits Are Self-Imposed

August 02, 2022 1 min read

Andy talking to a group

Have you ever considered what your limits are?

Your limit on the income you can earn...

Your limit on how physically fit you can be...

Your limit on the impact you can make...

Your limit on the success you can have...

Your limit on how hard you can push yourself...

What are they?

What if you don't actually have limits?

Because here's the truth...

You don't.

Your real limits are virtually impossible for you to reach.

You could give all you have day in & day out forever and barely scratch your real limits.

The "limits" you THINK you have are self-imposed.

They are the stories you tell yourself why you can’t.

The stories that justify your inaction.

It's these stories that lock you inside a box of wasted potential...

If you want to waste your life by all means go ahead…

…but before you do…

…give a long hard thought about what you are truly capable of.

The world needs winners more than ever.

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