Your Intent is Everything

September 15, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella sitting down

We can all sense the difference between the salesperson who's focused on selling us some shit...

...and the salesperson who is focused on helping us solve our problem.

In both cases...

They are still selling us something.

So what's the difference?


Now think about how your intent applies to every area of your life...

If your intent is genuine...

People will respect you, value you, and want to be around you.

If your intent comes from the wrong place...

People won't trust you, respect you, or want to be around you at all.

This is exactly how it works.

People will always recognize your true intent.

...and if you truly want to be great...

Make sure your intent is genuine.

It can't be faked...

It can't be hidden...

It can't be half-assed...

It has to be real.

Your intent is everything.

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