“Your Best” Is Not Enough

June 19, 2021 1 min read

Andy sitting in a locker room

Trying your best is irrelevant.

The fact is this...

There will always be WINNERS…

And there will always be LOSERS.

If you "did the best you could" and lost...

Your best needs to get better. 

The world doesn't care how hard you tried or how long you tried.

W’s & L’s.

That’s how the world WILL judge you regardless of what you “believe”. 

Celebrating the moral victory of trying your best is weak and will never be rewarded.

You know what "I did my best" really is?

It's your way of letting yourself off the hook so you don't have to invest time into developing your skills and doing the shit you don't feel like doing to get better.

"As long as you try your best" is the entire reason we have a generation that is struggling to adjust to the real world.

Wake up and strive to be the best…

Or get comfortable with living a life of mediocrity. 

The choice is yours.

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