“Your Best” Is Irrelevant

April 05, 2024 1 min read

If you “tried your best” and you didn’t win…

It’s irrelevant.

No matter how hard you would want to justify it for yourself…

The real world only operates in wins and losses.

Did you win or not?

That’s what really matters.

The real world doesn’t care what you feel in your heart…

The real world doesn’t care how much you put in…

It cares whether you put a W on the board or not.

It’s not “trying your best”...

It’s whether you are the best or not.

Sometimes regardless of how hard you try…

You still lose.

Sometimes you just aren’t skilled enough yet to win.

Work on your craft.

Become so good that your “I tried my best” turns into “I am the best”.

I didn’t make the rules.

I’m just aware of them.

You should be too.

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