Solve More Problems

April 04, 2024 1 min read

You know who gets paid?

The people who solve the most problems.

And most people think that just fixing a mistake is solving a problem.

But that’s not all I’m talking about…

Picking up the trash on the ground is solving a problem.

Making processes and systems more efficient is solving a problem.

Not letting the standard slip is solving a problem.

Training the new guy on the team is solving a problem.

Holding others accountable is solving a problem.

Taking responsibility for your actions is solving a problem.

Regardless of what your position in your company is…

You can find several ways to solve problems…

…and make things better for your company.

When you solve more problems, you help more people and earn more money.

Bonus tip:

If you can anticipate the problems before they even come up…

…and solve them on your own without any direction from your superiors…

You can write your own check.

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