You Have What It Takes…

October 15, 2022 1 min read

Andy talking to a group

Growing up, we're all sold a big lie about success.

We're told that "Success is for other people"...

As if only a select few people are "lucky" enough to become successful in life.

It’s bullshit.

Success is a very simple equation...

It's Effort + Time = Results.

So why would we be told anything different?

Well, take a second to think about everyone who's told you otherwise...

Your parents...

Your teachers...

Your mentors...

Your coaches...

Your grandparents...

These are the people who have formed your beliefs about the world and what's possible in your life.

Are their lives a reflection of the kind of life you'd like to live?

If you can't honestly answer "yes" ... I would use heavy discernment when it comes to their advice and "life lessons.”

I'm not saying they're bad people...

I'm sure they're amazing people.

But they are only capable of viewing the world through the lens of their own accomplishments and experiences.

Success has nothing to do with "magic" or "circumstance.”

Greatness isn't reserved for just a select few.

So quit buying into the lie.

You have what it takes to win on a massive scale...

We all do.

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