You Have The Power

November 08, 2021 1 min read

Andy sitting in a car

There was a time when I was a guy who couldn’t string together 2 consecutive days as “wins.”

I was the guy who couldn’t go 3 days without cheating on my diet.

But now, when I look back and compare my present version with that version of me 500 days ago…

They are so far apart from each other that the two versions are completely unrecognizable from each other.

How did that happen?

How can you do it too?

Gut it out.

Stay strong on your vision and your goals.

Whatever it is…

Grit it out.

Just a few moments a day.

Those 5 minutes a day where you get weak and give in to your bitch voice.

Those moments make your days.

Those days make your weeks.

Those weeks make your months.

Those months make up your years.

Those years make up your life.

All of it.


If you don’t like the life that you have right now…

You have the power to build one that you can be proud of.

You can completely change your entire life with just a handful of brief moments of mental toughness, real grit, and discipline everyday…

You can’t gut out a few brief moments a day?

If you can win one day you can win everyday.

It’s possible for literally anyone.

Especially YOU.

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