You Can't Do It Alone

June 06, 2020 1 min read

 Andy talking at a meeting

There is a big misconception out there, that in order to succeed in life, you must be willing to step on everyone on the way up.

That's a bullshit justification unsuccessful people tell themselves to morally justify why they aren't where they'd like to be.

It sounds something like this: "Oh..I'd never be willing to screw people over and step on them for my own success" or "Must be nice...too bad I'm not willing to fuck people over and treat them like shit to get ahead".

Sound familiar?

The irony is YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE.

The more positivity you contribute, the more EVERYONE progresses and contributes back to you.

It's not always pretty.

It's not always "nice".

It's not always a celebration.

It's not always fun.

But the truth is...if you truly care about someone, then you should hold them accountable to their highest potential, push them to improve, and DEMAND their highest level of performance...and that goes both ways.

Doing ANYTHING great takes the focused, dedicated, and loyal efforts of many.



And a BIG part of having a great team of loyal people that care about showing them GENUINELY that you appreciate the contributions (no matter how small) they make to your cause.

Think of how many people contribute to your life (family, business contacts, customers, bosses, and especially employees), your success, and your happiness, and make it a habit to let them know they are GENUINELY appreciated...

Then, watch how much better your life gets because of it.

GENUINELY show appreciation to those who contribute, and contribute back to them at every opportunity...because WITHOUT EACH OTHER WE HAVE NOTHING.


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